The Houston County Sheriff’s Office oversees the general security of the courthouse complex to ensure the orderly, peaceful and safe conduct of court business. Duties include manning metal detector and x-ray posts , responding to alarms, perimeter patrols, courtroom security, movement of prisoners between jail and courtrooms.

Courthouse Security Screening Process 

Security in public buildings has become an unfortunate necessity and all people entering the courthouse including litigants, attorneys,  and employees will be screened for weapons prior to gaining admittance. Additionally, all items brought in, such as purses, briefcases, packages, etc., will be scanned.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to the following:

Guns /  Stun Guns

Ammunition /  Toy Guns / Knives

Knives / Handcuffs / Handcuff Keys

Switchblades / Knitting Needles

Box Cutters / Fingernail Files

Scissors / Chemical Mace

Razors / Pepper Spray

Glass Bottles / Tools (hammers, nails, ect.)

Flammable Materials / Brass Knuckles

Caustic Chemicals / Explosive Devices or Material


Prohibited items will not be stored by Courthouse Personnel.