Notice to Public:

Houston County Jail will be re-instituting the 
face to face, non-contact visitation effective 2/2016.

Once face to face phone visitation begins there will be no more free family video visits. All video visits will be paid visits. Face to face visits do not take away from an inmate being able to have video visits and inmates who get video visits will still be allowed face to face visits.

All face to face visitations will be scheduled by calling (334) 712-0762, there will be no walk in visits. All visits must be scheduled no later than 3 P.M. on the Friday before the weekend face to face visits.


Inmate Rules violations that result in loss of visitation privileges will be all types of visitation, video and face to face.

      1.   Inmates who want visitors must complete a visitation list within 30 days of their booking date. Visitation will be delayed until the list of visitors is checked and approved. All requested information about visitors must be provided by the inmate.  Face to face visitors, including children and clergy, shall not be allowed to visit if their name is not on the visitation list or if the required information is not provided. The list is restricted to 8 names. Face to face visitors cannot be persons convicted of a class “A” felony within the last five years, have a pending class “A” felony, or have been incarcerated in the Houston County Jail within the last six months.


       2.   Face to face visitation lists will be updated in January and July with new lists going into effect in February and August. No additions or deletions will be made to a visitation list except at time of update.


   3.   Face to face visitors 16 years and older shall present a current government issued photo ID before entry. Visitors younger than 16 years of age shall have a social security card, or a birth certificate. No children are to be left unattended in the lobby at any time. Failure to provide proper identification will result in the visitation being denied.


      4.   Inmates are allowed one 30 minute visit on the designated weekend. Only two (2) people, including children, shall be allowed to have a face to face visit with an inmate each visitation day. Split visits are NOT allowed; all visitors must come and leave together. Persons not visiting shall not be allowed to wait in the Jail lobby.



        5.   Sheriff’s office personnel may refuse an inmate visitation privileges.


      6.   Inmates shall not be allowed family visitors while serving time on lock-down or as the result of other disciplinary action taken by sheriff’s office personnel. Inmates housed in an area on modified roll-out schedule will be allowed face to face visits.


      7.  Visitors shall be arrested and prosecuted for bringing or attempting to bring contraband into the jail. All visitors will have a warrant check conducted and visitors with active arrest warrants shall be arrested when they arrive at the jail for visitation.


      8.   The dress code for all visitors will be posted at the jail.  Any visitor who is in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to visit an inmate and will be ordered to leave the jail property.


      9.   No visitor shall have any electronic devices of any type in the jail.


    10.   Any person who violates any of the visitation rules will be banned from the Houston County Jail, and banned from all forms of visitation, for a minimum of 90 days.         

Telephone and Video Visitation